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5 Steps to Ownership

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If you've looked into static caravan ownership with Park Resorts before then you'll notice that we've now introduced a 5th step into our simple steps to ownership. After talking to our Owners we realise that possibly the most important part of the buying process is making completely sure that you are happy with your decision. We want to help you get the most out of your Holiday Home and that's why we've added the 'Welcome Meeting' with your General Manager as the 5th essential step. Your General Manager is there to support you in your decision and help to ensure everything runs smoothly.

There are just 5 simple steps to making that all-important decision to become an owner of your very own caravan. Here's a reminder of some of those important questions:

  • Step 1

    Is the Park right for you and your family?

    Are the facilities what I need?

    Visit us to find out!

    How long is the Park open?

    Go to the park page of your choice for dates.

    What does the local area offer?

    There's loads to do, see when you visit!

  • Step 2

    Decide if the running costs are OK

    What are the costs involved?

    The Team on Park can tell you more.

    Can I rent out my static caravan to help cover the running costs?

    Absolutely, it's a great way to keep costs down.

    When are the costs due?

    We show you all costs, so no nasty surprises!

  • Step 3

    Find a static Caravan that suits your needs

    What do static Caravans cost?

    We have static Caravans for sale for every budget - used and new.

    What Caravans are available?

    Plenty on our showgrounds and you can also see a selection online.

    What is included? How long can I keep my Caravan on the Park?

    We'll talk you through our season length and how old your Caravan can be.

    How can I fund the Caravan?

    We offer guaranteed finance^ and low deposit˜ criteria.

  • Step 4

    Find a Pitch that suits your chosen static Caravan

    What pitches are available?

    Near facilities or in a quieter area - it's up to you!

    Are there different Pitch fees?

    Yes, Pitch fees differ by Park and also depending on which area of the Park you choose.

  • Step 5

    Welcome Meeting

    Have all my questions been answered today?

    Hopefully yes, but that's what your personal Welcome Meeting is for.

    What happens next if I say yes?

    You will have a thorough but informal meeting with your General Manager to talk through every aspect of your exciting new ownership experience.

    How soon can I move in to my new static Caravan?

    Normally within 7 days or as quickly as you would like.