What Is Glamping And Where Can We Have A Go At It?

  • 26.02.2015
  • By Kay Knight

If you have always liked the idea of a camping holiday, but know that in reality you will miss life's little luxuries, then glamping is for you. The trend has taken off in recent years and the term comes from an amalgamation of the two words glamorous and camping, which in a nutshell is what it is.

How the glam is put into glamping 

If you think of all the annoying things about camping - having to put your tent up even if you have arrived in the dark or during a downpour; sleeping in a sleeping bag; and building a fire to cook on - then these are the elements that glamping takes care of. Your tent is already erected when you arrive and it houses a proper bed and kitchen - what could be better? Part of the charm of glamping is that despite these luxuries it still feels like camping, but in the best possible way. Visitors are located right in the heart of campsites, which means there are beautiful surroundings and you can still step outside in the morning with a coffee and enjoy the atmosphere. The kids can play with the families staying in other accommodation and all of a site's entertainment and amenities are on offer. You can sit on your tent's covered terrace and watch the world go by in a way that is only possible on holiday or enjoy a barbecue whatever the weather. Twinkling fairy lights, stretches of bunting and even lanterns powered by candles help to make the experience all the more special.

Who is glamping suitable for?

Glamping has a wider appeal than camping and has a number of benefits for certain demographics. Retirees who have loved camping all their lives, but find things a bit more difficult as they get older will enjoy the added amenities and being able to sleep in a proper bed. Families with young children will find that it is easier to keep their kids warm and happy with this type of camping, as opposed to the more traditional alternative. The cosy interiors are perfect for all generations, so if you want to bring both young and old on holiday with you, glamping is a great solution. 

Go glamping on the Isle of Wight 

Here at Park Resorts we think that glamping is a great idea. It certainly makes family holidays so much easier and romantic getaways can be achieved on a budget, even if one member of the party wants to have all they need to look perfect every day. That is why we are spending £20 million on opening glamping facilities for you to enjoy. Why not book a stay at one of the glamping villages within our parks at Nodes Point and Thorness Bay on the Isle of Wight? Each safari tent sleeps six and includes all the facilities you could possibly need for a comfortable trip away.


What to pack for a glamping holiday 

It is always a good idea to check what is included when booking any form of accommodation, but when preparing to pack for a glamping trip, think of it as similar to a hotel. Furniture and bedding will already be included, so concentrate on bringing your clothes and food to cook, as well as essentials for the activities you will be enjoying and items to keep the kids entertained.

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