The Best UK Travel Blogs

  • 29.05.2015
  • By Kay Knight

We wish we could be holidaying around the UK all the time, but alas for most of us we have to make do with a few weekends a year and a couple of extended stays. Some lucky people get to travel around this delightful country and write about it. While we may be envious of their lifestyle, UK travel bloggers serve a very important purpose - inspiring the rest of us to make the most of our precious vacation time. Here's an overview of some of best blogs highlighting locations, events and activities to help you plan your next trip. Warning - these travel blogs will give you itchy feet.

Adventures Around Scotland

Native Scot Susanne blogs about everything north of the border, from first-hand accounts and hidden gems to top attractions and travel tips. Recent posts include 5 Top things to see & do in Edinburgh and Beginners guide to the Scotch Malt Whisky making process.


Been There - Done That

The husband and wife team behind Been There - Done That regularly post articles about trips carried out within the UK. There are two sections - one for longer holidays and another for day trips. They are conveniently divided into county categories making it easy to find relevant articles about the areas you are thinking of visiting.

Kids Day Out Reviews

Who better to inspire families to travel around the UK than a family? Mum Joanne writes about her adventures around the UK with her partner and their four children. With a ten and six-year-old, as well as twins aged three, they are perfectly placed to review days out for different ages. Browse the blog posts or search by area for your specific holiday destination.

North East Family Fun

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, North East Family Fun is a great resource for anyone planning a holiday with their brood in Northumberlandor in the surrounding region. Handy categories, such as Dine, Explore and Visit help to guide readers to some of the best places the North East has to offer.

We Are Cardiff

A collective of bloggers bringing everything from music, culture and the arts in South Wales to the masses, We Are Cardiff is great if you want to immerse yourself in local activities on your holidays. With information about the city, its people, the arts and what's on in comprehensive sections, you can't go wrong.

100 Days Out

Relatively new on the blogging scene, 100 Days Out has made a great start and has the potential to inspire some fantastic day trips across the UK. Written by John, who was influenced by childhood holidays to the likes of Whitley Bay, it covers everything from castles and beaches to museums and attractions.

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