June Set To Be Hottest Month On Record

  • 05.06.2015
  • By Sam Happe

It's all about to change as June heats up...

The first days of June may not have won any prizes for registering as the highest temperatures ever recorded, but all of that is about to change. Forecasters believe that this month could end up being one of the hottest in memory, making it perfect for escape to holiday parks across the UK.

All bets are off 
Bookies have cut the odds for a flaming June, with temperatures likely to be in the high twenties in coming weeks, or even into the thirties. This will mean many UK destinations will be competing against places in the Mediterranean and winning when it comes to fantastic weather. The bookmaker, Coral, has slashed its odds from 5-1 to 3-1 for this June being the hottest on records since records began in 1910. This is since the Met Office said that the sunshine on the way is set to stay for the entirety of the month. The current record for June stands at 35.6 degrees C, which was achieved in 1976 and could well be smashed this year. Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes, told the Daily Mail: "When it comes to June being an absolute scorcher, all bets are off. Temperatures of 30C (86F) or even more look well within reach as we look set to sizzle all month long."

Fun in the sun
Good weather opens up lots of possibilities, with Brits not having to go far to enjoy it. High on the list of activities are likely to be low-cost options such as going to the beach, picnicking and hosting barbecues, as well as going on walks and lounging in the sun. It's so much easier to do these from a holiday home with convenient access to the countryside and other useful facilities. 

Stay safe
As temperatures rise, it's important to be fully protected from the sun, which means drinking plenty of water, applying lots of sun cream and wearing a hat. Those venturing out from their caravans for the whole day should be particularly aware of taking all of these items with them, with supplies to last the duration of their excursion.

Cool off
Splashing about in the sea, jumping into the pool and water fights are all great ways to get some relief from the heat. Also think about making your own fruit juice ice lollies for a refreshing burst after a nice walk, as well as interesting salads that compliment sunny days.

June breaks from £94 
It is safe to say that such weather is not always on the cards for holidaymakers in the UK, so it is worth making the most of it while it is here. The best way to do so is for retired couples, empty nesters and those yet to start a family who have the flexibility to book holidays during term time to plan a break for June and bask in the sunshine. www.park-resorts.com

There are some great bargains to be had, such as:

  • A four-night holiday in East Anglia and Lincolnshire at the Summerfields park for £94
  • Four nights at Martello Beach in Essex for just £99
  • Upgrade to a silver caravan and enjoy four nights at Thorness Bay on the Isle of Wight for a bargain £142
  • A silver caravan for four nights at Yorkshire's Withernsea Sands will now only cost you £160
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