10 reasons to give glamping a go

  • 22.01.2016
  • By Kay Knight

One of the most popular new ways to enjoy some time away – whether it's at a festival, out in the wilds, or on holiday with the family – glamping is adding a touch of pizzazz to the classic camping experience, offering a luxury take on outdoor accommodation. If you've been camping and have had a negative or excessively damp experience, don't jump to conclusions: glamping is an altogether different pastime!

10. British weather-proof

Because our glamping tents are all erected on raised platforms, you won't find yourself in deep water if the heavens open – we all know how quickly that can happen!

Glamping countryside view

9. An exciting atmosphere

Part of the joy of camping is enjoying some exciting quality time as a family, and glamping is just the same, except with a little more luxury attached. What's not to like about that?

8. A real bed!

Forget sleeping bags, lumpy floors, freezing cold nights and boiling hot mornings; in a glamping tent you'll be bedding up in a warm, cosy – and most importantly dry – bed.

Safari Tent bedroom

7. A very British safari

Our safari tents give the feeling of staying in the Serengeti, except instead of dry plains you can enjoy the best views and locations the British countryside has to offer!

6. Dine in style

With kitchen facilities including a sink, electric hob, fridge and microwave, you'll never have to bother bringing the camping stove. Do away with the baked beans and boil-in-the-bag rice, and cook up some family favourites instead!

Safari Tent Kitchen

5. Great for all ages

Love camping but find the experience a little bit too physically demanding? Our glamping tents let visitors enjoy a comfortable camping experience – perfect for older people.

4. Nights on the porch

There's nothing better than sitting on the porch of your safari tent in the early summer evening, enjoying the warmth on your skin while your lips are cooled by a delicious drink. Wonderful!

Glamping at night

3. Space for the whole family

Sleeping up to six, there's a huge amount of space in each glamping tent, ensuring no stepped-on toes whatsoever, however big the brood!

2. No pitching required

All of our glamping tents are pitched up before you arrive, ready to welcome you and your family. That means no mid-rainstorm pitching and no midnight guide-peg hammering sessions.

1. You'll stay dry

One of the main issues with regular tents is that water can often find its way into the interior, via condensation, open tent doors, or dreaded holes in the structure. With one of Park Resorts' safari tents, you can rest assured that you won't wake up with your feet in a puddle!

Glamping is an awesome way to enjoy your time at Park Resorts, offering luxury alongside all the beauty of the great outdoors. Want to find out more about glamping? Click here for more info.

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