Water Walkers
Highfield Grange

Sports & Leisure at Highfield Grange Holiday Park

If adventure is what you’re after during your holiday, Highfield Grange has the answer with our exclusive sports and leisure activity programme that has something to suit all tastes, from exciting swimming pool adventures, to classic outdoor sports!


Archery is one of the world’s oldest sports.  The sound and feeling of power as the arrow leaves the bow is addictive.  Our instructors will hone your skills until even beginners will be ‘going for gold’. Participants must be 12yrs and over. 

Aqua Paddlers

A great way for your little one to burn off some excess energy and develop motor skills by paddling these mini boats through the water. (Activity for 3 to 6 year olds) 

Water Walkers

Water Walkers

Step inside giant bubbles and walk, run, flip and roll….. across the top of the water. You don’t even get wet! For Children 5yrs +. 
Amazing Adventures at Park Resorts

Wiped Out

Want to be the Wiped Out Champion? Jump, climb, slip and slide across out inflatable aqua run challenge. For Children 6yrs. 
Amazing Adventures at Park Resorts

Aqua Jets

Our fantastic underwater propulsion vehicles create the feel and excitement of underwater exploration. You’ll have great fun as you dive, turn and fly through the water! For children over 8yrs. 
Amazing Adventures at Park Resorts

Aqua Jets Spy School

Now you have mastered the skills needed for Aqua Jets, take them on your own James Bond mission to find the clues and solve the crimes of the underwater villains! For Children over 8yrs. 

Amazing Adventures at Park Resorts

Aqua Roller

This massive double-barrel roller is three meters in diameter, and can accommodate up to four people simultaneously walking on water. Grab a friend and jump inside! For Children 5yrs +. 

Pirate Rafting

Pirate Rafting

Join us in the pool with your shipmates for a pirate scavenger adventure, climb aboard your inflatable raft in teams then search for the hidden treasure. Beware! You may end up walking the plank...

Unleashed - Activities for Teens


A new activity programme especially for teenagers.


For those who are football crazy we have matches a plenty, join us for family friendly tournaments representing your favourite national team.

Sensible Swim

A nice, relaxing, quiet time to enjoy a leisurely swim sessions. Our sensible swim are peaceful adult only swimming sessions, perfect for some quality you time. 16yrs and over