Valley Farm

Play - Kid's Entertainment

There are a host of fun activities for your children at Valley Farm that will delight and excite them! From exciting stage shows to quieter creative pursuits, there is truly something for everyone at Park Resorts.

Featured Acts & Touring Shows


Supersquad Heroes

Supersquad Heroes

Meet the Supersquad Heroes! They’re here from outer-space to take you on exciting intergalactic adventures. Join Bubbles, Specs, Loxy and Boggle as they transport you to a place that’s totally out of this world!

Madness N Mayhem

Madness & Mayhem

Even bigger and with more mayhem in 2016! Classic Saturday morning TV styled Entertainment. Join in the wacky games & competitions and the crazy dances for prizes to be won. Red or yellow? Who will win? Join in for oodles of beach time fun!


Create & Make

Get smart with art! Create your very own top quality masterpiece and take it home. Activities include Pottery Painting and Sand Art.

Party Dances

Mums & Dads will be up on the dance floor with the kids, boogying away to the best party dances old and new.

Specks Totes Amaze

The universe is running out of WOW and only the Super Squad Heroes can save it. So join Specks and have a blast with his mad experiments and zany demonstrations. It’s sure to be truly ‘Spex-cellent’!

Epic Tales

Experience a magical journey with dragons, ninjas and martial arts through the eyes of the mysterious Big Book. Epic Tales tells the story of one of the most legendary women of ancient China, Hua Mulan.

Sci Fi Quest

Get ready for a quest that is out of this world! Join ‘Legion X’ an elite group who accept challenges laid before them by commander, Captain Hawkswell. It’s a quest of a lifetime!

Trouper Junior

It’s your chance to shine and learn every awesome skill of our super talented Troupers as you discover exactly what it takes to take on the role of Trouper superstar! A must for every budding junior celebrity in training (chargeable activity).

Supersquad Heroes Save Planet Mojo

The mission is on! Join the Super Squad Heroes in this electrifyingly cosmic show bursting with unbelievable interactive missions for every mini cadet to join in & help save Boggle's planet! It’s simply ‘specks-ellent!’