Holiday Childcare at Park Resorts

Introducing Holiday Childcare at Park Resorts

Park Resorts now have a dedicated childcare facility in a selection of our Holiday Parks giving you the opportunity to have some ‘just for you time’.

Park Resorts Childcare operates to stringent UK standards, our professionally qualified team will keep your little ones busy offering at least 2 hours of activities 6 days a week including some evening sessions too. It’s a great environment for learning, having fun and making new friends.

Available at Lower Hyde and Whitecross Bay for Children aged 2 to 8 years. Prices are from £10 per child, per session. The childcare programme runs from 25th March to 31st October. Please call the park to book your childs space. Please note, the childcare programme has finished permanently at Southview.

Imagine childcare

These activities encourage children to use their imaginations to create pretend and make-believe scenarios. Children will engage in imaginative play using a variety of toy figures, puppets, dolls or stuffed animals, and will act out particular roles themselves and truly 'become' a character in a story. 


Imagine you're a Wizard / Fairy

Enter into our mystic kingdom where magic and fun begins from the moment you arrive. Participants will come to life with the touch of a wand, as they play a range of spellbinding games as wacky wizards and fancy fairies. 

cow girls

Imagine you're a Cowboy / Cowgirl

Yeeha! It's time to head to the Wild West to see if we can learn more about the cowboys and cowgirls. Participants will pan for gold, lasso cattle, race horses and attempt the tin can alley as they play with their western pals. 


Imagine you're a Knight / Princess

"Hear ye, hear ye! All knights, princesses and royal folk are hereby summoned by order of Park Resorts to the kid's club courtyard for a tournament of medieval merriment". Participants will be entertained with royal games before being handed their swords or crowns, and declared knights and princesses. 


Imagine you're a Dinosaur

Stomp along to this fantastic dinosaur-themed session and learn more about these awesome prehistoric creatures. Children find the subject of dinosaurs fascinating and intriguing, and our gargantuan number of dinosaur inspired crafts, activities, songs and stories will stretch their imaginations and allow them to experience a world very different from our own today. 

pirates in the pool

Imagine you're a pirate

Ahoy there, Matey! Climb aboard and join us on a swashbuckling, fun-filled pirate adventure! Little scallywags will be entertained with exciting crafts and games before searching for the hidden treasure. Be careful not to walk the plank!


Imagine you're a Superhero

Superheroes capture not only the bad guys, but also kid's imaginations! Being a superhero is ever kid's dream and this activity encourages participants to develop their strength and super powers to gain the ability to conquer the world. Courage and bravery is a must for the little ones in this activity. 

Explore childcare

Children are fascinated by the world around them and a child's world is naturally full of learning opportunities. These activities encourage children to explore their senses and surroundings and have been specifically designed to include a range of 'everyday' themes. They also provide opportunities for the children to interact with their environment, the staff and each other. Activities encourage children to explore and learn about life in specific environments / situations. Age appropriate interactive toys will be linked to each session theme.

kids in swimming pool

Explore under the sea

It's time to learn about the creatures that live under the sea through a range of games and activities. This activity will also provide the opportunity for participants to experiment with water and stimulate their senses through water play. 

child drawing

Explore at the Farm

Participants can discover the farmyard and meet our animal friends through a variety of toys, games, songs, dress up and creative activities. Children will love exploring animal sounds and pretending they are on the farm. 

children playing in the garden

Explore in the Garden

It's time to investigate the bugs and creatures that live at the bottom of the garden. Participants can enjoy the delights of being outside and exploring nature in a safe environment. 

child drawing

Explore in the City

With songs, games and arts and crafts, it's time to take an imaginative trip to the city. Through a variety of hands-on activities, participants will explore the sights of a city and the means of getting around. They will love riding the London bus, crossing Tower Bridge and climbing the O2 arena as they explore our capital city!

children playing music

Explore the world of Music

Participants will explore sounds and music through a number of different mediums including nursery rhymes, singing, dancing and instruments. They will love creating noise with our range of toys in this musical session which allows participants to express themselves and fosters creativity. 

child drawing

Explore the people that help us

We explore all the different people who help us in this active, imaginative session. Participants will discover the many groups of people who help in our neighbourhoods through a variety of craft and physical activities - and who know, we might find the next Fireman Sam or Dr Dolittle!

Discover childcare

These activities will encourage active experimentation of new concepts and provide a positive environment for young children to learn a new skill. The 'Discover' sessions are designed specifically for the 3-5 years, to allow this age group to be challenged appropriately, developing their motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination through a variety of exciting 'academies'. Each academy will help the children grow in confidence and allow them to feel proud of themselves as they master a new skill. 


Discover our Chefs Academy

Our 'Chefs Academy' is the perfect recipe for teaching children that cooking is an enduring life skill, whilst encouraging creativity and an adventurous palate. Participants will create tasty treats and play games in this culinary adventure. 

child dressed up as a musketteer

Discover our Medieval Academy

Our 'Medieval Academy' is the ideal opportunity for young children to access two unique activities as they try their hand at being the next duelling Musketeer or the next Robin Hood. Mini Fencing and Junior Archery are fantastic fun and also help develop focus, concentration and hand-eye co-ordination. 

kid playing football

Discover our Sports Academy

Through our entertaining, unique 'Sports Academy', we will teach general sporting skills to participants through a range of ball games. Sport is all about having fun and staying healthy, and getting involved from an early age is important!

child drawing

Discover our Forest Academy

Our 'Forest Academy' embraces the outdoors as an inspirational learning environment and is the perfect place to connect with nature in a fun, adventurous and quiet magical way. As participants explore and experience the natural world, they will build confidence and self-esteem. 


Discover our Clown Academy

The circus is coming to town in our 'Clown Academy'! Participants will discover what is under the big top as they dress up as clowns, jump like lions through hoops, and attempt to walk a tightrope. This amusing activity is bound to bring out the performer in everyone!

space man

Discover our Science Kidz Academy

There are so many experiments to discover in our 'Science Kidz academy'. Our exciting and educational experiments will fascinate participants and instil a love of science in each and every child. 

Evening childcare

The evening activities are designed to occupy the children whilst the parents enjoy some freedom with a meal or entertainment show. These sessions are more relaxed and allow the children to unwind before bedtime. 

child drawing

Pyjama Playtime

There's no time for snoozing at our pyjama playtime, as the kids will be having far too much fun. Participants should come dressed in their pyjamas and can bring along their favourite story book or stuffed animal bedtime friend to join them for cosy games and crafts. 

Child playing with lego

Sensory Play

Sensory Play will stimulate the participants' five senses through immersion in scents, sounds, colours, lights and textures. Our sensory activities facilitate exploration and naturally encourage children to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore. 

space man

Space Explorers

Prepare to send your children to outer space! Participants will be entertained with a range of activities that are out of this world! As an astronaut for the evening, participants will go on a moon walk and discover the planets during their space mission, before coming back to earth to relax before bedtime.