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Ownership FAQs

Yes, of course, we do ask that they visit reception, so that the Duty Manager can arrange a Day Pass for them. Many owners love to invite friends and family to stay with them, we provide you with up to 8 seasonal entertainment and facilities passes so your guests can enjoy the Park too.
As an Owner, you can enjoy plenty of leisure time at your Holiday Home throughout your extended Owners season at your Park. The majority of our Holiday Parks are open to Owners longer than the standard 8 month Holiday season, with many Parks now having a 12 month license exclusively for Owners. This means you can enjoy your Holiday Home all year round; however some Parks are closed for anything between a few weeks and a few months over the winter period. Simply contact your chosen Park to find out more. Although our Parks are open for an extended season, facilities and entertainment may not run outside of the Holidaymaker season (generally April to October). Some Owner events may run over the extended season, they will be listed in the Owners Calendar and you can check with the Park. Please do bear in mind that Park Resorts is not a residential Park operator and you cannot occupy your Holiday Home on a residential basis. You must have a permanent residential address elsewhere. Because we are Holiday Parks, there are no Council Tax charges, and for that same reason there is a limit to the number of consecutive days an Owner is allowed to stay at their Holiday Home. This length of time varies by Park, depending on the Site License provided by the Local Authority. Please check directly with the Park.
All pets are accepted at the General Manager's discretion. Responsible Owners are welcome to bring pets to your Holiday Home, provided you respect other guests. Most dog breeds* (up to a maximum of 2 dogs) are welcome in your Holiday Home or Lodge. If you think that there may be any reason why we wouldn't allow you to bring your dog(s) onto the Park then please ask the General Manager before you decide whether to buy a Holiday Home with Park Resorts. *Certain types of dog are not permitted on any Park Resorts Park, in order to maintain the safety and wellbeing of all our guests. These include, but are not restricted to, Pitbull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasiliero and Japanese Tosa. Where dogs are allowed, they must always wear a collar and identity tag and be kept on a lead under the control of a responsible adult at all times. Dogs and other pets are not allowed in facility buildings, restaurants or food servery and swimming pool areas. These restrictions do not apply to guide dogs. We reserve the right to require the owner of any dog or other pet to remove it from the Park if we consider it a nuisance or to be interfering with the general comfort of guests. Please bear in mind that if you are planning to have a pet and also to let your Holiday Home using EasyLet, you will be able to let it out if you own a Bronze to Gold Caravan at the correct class, platinum Caravans and Lodges aren't able to let it out regardless of the age, make or model. The Owners team can talk you through this.
Yes, you can have a choice of any available location on the Park. Selected premium Pitches do carry a slightly higher cost and these will be explained to you when you visit the Park. In our experience people rarely move, but your Holiday Homes can be moved to other Pitches, providing they meet the Pitch criteria. Please ask the General Manager on Park for more information.
Standard Holiday Home insurance may not cover the cost of damage sustained by guests who are permitted to use your Holiday Home. Park Resorts has therefore arranged a special letting insurance which Owners can purchase in addition to their normal insurance if they choose to let their Holiday Home.
The standard features that come with your Holiday Home will vary from model to model, these are contained in the product overview. Your Sales Advisor will be able to talk you through all the features included. Should you require additional features, fixtures or fittings you can ask your Sales Advisor for anything additional to be installed, subject to cost. These additional facilities/features will incur an additional cost as Park Resorts will need to order them. If you want to move into your new Holiday Home within a short period of time any additional features may need to be added later.
As with owning a car or a home, there are some additional running costs that need budgeting for, these include; Pitch Fees, Insurance, Local Rates, Electricity, Gas. See our Buyers Guide for more details.
Most of Park Resorts Owners consider Holiday Letting at some stage and this can be a valuable source of income, contributing to your annual Pitch Fees. You can either join the Income Promise Scheme, in which case you agree at the start of the season to let your Holiday Home for a set number of weeks and dates in return for a guaranteed income. Alternatively, you can join EasyLet, which is on a more let-as-you-go basis. If your Holiday Home is let through Park Resorts, a commission fee is charged, speak to your Park for more details. You might also want to let your Holiday Home out privately, even just to friends and family, and this is okay by us. We can help by offering a number of services including key collection and the sale of Entertainment Passes. Please speak to the Owners team on Park for full details.
Yes, if you want to take advantage of EasyLet through Park Resorts then your Holiday Home must be no more than 7 years old. The Park Holiday Sales Manager will provide you with detailed information regarding the potential grade and earning guide for your specific Holiday Home.
The licence agreement to occupy a Pitch cites the specific period of time that the Caravan or Lodge can be kept on the Park offering certainty and peace of mind. Please ask a member of staff for more information.
You can choose to upgrade your Holiday Home at any time. Our experienced Owners Elite team on Park will help you make the decision that’s right for you. If you have finance on your current Holiday Home, any existing finance would be settled and a new finance agreement would be made for your new Holiday Home, making it much more affordable and convenient.
We offer part exchange values for all Holiday Homes, wherever they are located, as well as all Touring Caravans and Motor Homes. Please speak to the Park for more information.
Park Resorts provide exclusive events and parties for our Owners. In addition to the Owners Only events, some Parks also offer private facilities exclusively for their Owners, giving you the opportunity to really make the most of some first class care. Each year we create an Owners Event Calendar,for more information, please contact the Park.
A RAMTECH alarm system will be offered to all new Owners when they purchase a new or used Caravan or Lodge. A premium is charged for the system when purchased and an annual maintenance fee is also payable. Owners who have a RAMTECH alarm system will receive an annual discount on their insurance premium. This is in recognition of the additional security measures taken by the Owner. Park Resorts operate family Holiday Parks and therefore aim to ensure a safe and secure environment for all guests, and also monitor behaviour to ensure that no-one is disturbing the relaxed Holiday atmosphere on the Park.
Many of our parks have caravans adapted for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility. Park Resorts can provide brand new specially designed accessible caravans from most manufacturers. Used holiday models are also available at most locations. It is recommended that anyone with questions regarding accessibility or disabled facilities should contact their preferred park direct. View Barmston Beach Accessibility Statement.
The Holiday Home has zero-rated VAT, however we charge the removable contents at the standard rate of VAT at the time when the holiday home is purchased. Please call us if you have any questions.
We have a range of finance plans available to suit most budgets. We use specialised holiday home funding plans, backed by major financial institutions such as Black Horse, and because these companies specialise in providing finance for holiday homes, they have tailored their plans specifically to your needs. You will be able to choose monthly repayments that you are happy with where you are comfortable with the monthly repayments, up to a maximum of 7 year terms. There is no need to attend a personal interview or to complete complicated proposal forms. In fact, your Sales Advisor will complete all of the documentation for you. Also, unlike a High Street Bank, who may require the loan to be secured on your home, specialised provider’s only take security on your Holiday Home. A formal quotation will be available within a couple of hours, followed by approval within a matter of days. We ensure that the finance packages available to our customers are highly competitive in terms of both cost and availability and we are confident of offering a highly suitable and cost effective plan.
When owning a holiday home, the most important thing is that you are happy with the park and the location. If that is not the case and you would like to move your holiday home to a Park Resorts park, then we will of course do our best to accommodate you. Even if you own a holiday home somewhere that doesn't belong to Park Resorts, we can try to make all the arrangements for you to join us. It happens a lot; in most cases owners decide to upgrade their holiday home at the same time, taking them up on our generous part exchange allowances for their existing holiday home. We sort everything; including removing your old holiday home - all you have to do is pack and turn up at Park Resorts. To find out if this is currently available on your choice of park, please enquire now online.
Our aim is to create amazing memories for you by providing a well-managed and secure Holiday Park. All our team members work hard to ensure your times with us are happy and exceed any expectations you may have. We understand there are times when you wish to comment formally if you feel you have not received the level of service you desire or if you wish to compliment a member of staff on the great service they have provided to you. All comments are taken seriously and in order for us to deal with them fairly and accurately, we have a clear procedure in place which provides you with clarity and support at each step. Either way we aim to build from your comments and improve our levels of service to you. Visit our contact us section.
We understand that sometimes the personal circumstances of our Owners can change and for whatever reason they may decide to sell their Holiday Home. A notice period is required for this and our Owners Team can provide further details, along with the various options available to you. As a family Park operator, we ensure that the terms and conditions of ownership together with Park rules are strictly adhered to at all times, so you and your family can enjoy your stay with peace of mind.