Glamping safari tent

What is Glamping? 

Forget sleeping bags, billowing canvas and camp stove cooking - this isn't your typical camping holiday, oh no. Swap your campfire for a fully-equipped kitchen, and switch those sleeping bags out for proper bedding - Glamping is all about taking camping to the next level, while still allowing you the room to have a bit of nostalgic tent-based fun!

Altogether a little more sophisticated, Glamping is quite literally glamorous camping, and that's precisely what our Glamping holiday options are designed to offer you!

Our Safari Tents can sleep up to six people, and along with the aforementioned fully-equipped kitchen and bedding, offer you electric lighting and plug sockets (when was the last time you managed to camp and charge the iPads this easily?), tables and chairs in the lounge area (perfect for food and games with family or friends!), an outside decking area for when the sun is shining, and an early check-in time of 1:30pm.

What's more, your furry friends are more than welcome to come and glamp with you too! There's even a bit of privacy between the bed areas, as the sleeping arrangements are split into one area for the double bed, another for the two singles, and by the end of the evening, a delightfully vacant living area to set up the double sofa bed.

There's undeniably something lovely and authentic about camping - but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy some of life's little luxuries while you're at it! Keen to find out more about Glamping with Park Resorts? Take a look around to discover more.  

Glamping Locations

Thorness Bay
Bembridge Nodes Point
Lower Hyde
Teddy on bed

Glamping Offer

Glamping Summer Holidays and Short Breaks

Take the kids on a camping adventure with a glamorous twist that they won't forget!

Why choose Park Resorts?

Our country is a beautiful one, and there's no denying that Glamping is a great way of getting away from your home for a few days, and experiencing a new place in a lovely and comfortable way.

Glamping with Park Resorts means so much more than just a fancy tent, though. By opting for a stay one of our popular Safari Tents, you also get to enjoy all the other amenities of a Park Resorts park! While facilities do vary from location to location, you can expect to find plenty of family fun - from great shows and parties to plenty of outdoors activities, there really is something for everyone. Factor in activities for the grown-ups too (think bingo and spa treatments), and it's set to be a Glamping trip to remember!

Need Advice? Get Glamping Tips From Our Blog

If you need a little advice before you get booking your Glamping holiday, take a little look at our blog posts we give you an over view as to what Glamping is and what it involves all the way to where you can Glamp with us in the Isle of Wight.

Glamping Blog
Glamping Blog